This intensive guitar class is designed to help intermediate and low advanced players quickly advance to a professional level of playing. We define "professional" as someone qualified to be paid to play in a live gigging band and as a studio musician. We have seen some incredible progress at our NYC Guitar Group classes and workshops this year, and there are a handful of players that want to go up to that level.

We’ll cover:

  • Lead Mastery of All Professional Scales
  • Advanced Theory Concepts & Instant Application
  • Advanced Rhythm & Palm-Muting
  • Advanced Song Arrangement
  • Advanced Capo Theory (For More Beautiful Arrangements)
  • Advanced Relative Pitch (Instantly Identifying Chord Progressions With Ear Only, Including Chords That Venture Away From the Key)
  • Playing Chords & Lead Improvisation Simultaneously
  • Blues Improvisation Concepts
  • Advanced Chord Construction
  • Locking Drum & Guitar Rhythms in Place
  • Metronome Mastery
  • Advanced Songwriting Concepts
  • Preparing for Studio Recording (Pre-Production, Tracking, Post-Production)
  • And More!

How to watch:

Subscribe below for three monthly payments of $160 and receive 13-weeks of class videos and handouts. *After each payment you will receive an email with private YouTube video links and PDF handouts for each month. 

Watch the first class below for free. Follow along with the handout as you learn!