This class is for aspiring guitarists who have no knowledge or experience with the guitar, and who want a high-impact, fast-growing class to get you playing music quickly and proficiently. All Guitarists who want to take their playing on to intermediate and advanced levels MUST join this class. Absolutely no experience is needed to join this class.

We’ll cover:

  • Learning & Mastering All Foundational Chords
  • Rhythm Concepts (Essential to Any Good Guitarist)
  • Basics of Fingerpicking
  • Song Playing
  • Songwriting Concepts
  • Introduction to Bar Chords
  • Introduction to Practical Music Theor
  • Introduction to Guitar Soloing (Basic Scales)
  • And Much More!

How to watch:

Subscribe below for three monthly payments of $120 and receive 13-weeks of class videos and handouts. *After each payment you will receive an email with private YouTube video links and PDF handouts for each month. 

Watch the first class below for free. Follow along with the handout as you learn!